Most people like to travel. But very few of us travel around the world, especially because it is very expensive. From airline tickets and hotel stays to food and entertainment, traveling can be very expensive. Not to mention that you’re on the road, you do not work, so you lose money for that too. Fortunately, there are many ways to travel the world for free or very cheap. When you go for the best travel deals around then, this is the best option that you will be getting now.


Archaeologists travel around the world where they can discover new things. Being an archaeologist is the ideal job for exploring distant lands, discovering lost cities and forgotten civilizations. If you are looking for a job while traveling, go back to school.

Musician and sound technician

It’s not easy to live music, but if you succeed, you can do a job that travels the world while living your passion. Whether traveling from city to city by bus or plane, being a musician offers many advantages. Just as the musicians could not go on stage without a small team of technicians who installs the stage, manage the sound. Although the profession of the technician is not as glamorous as that of a rock star, technicians can work and travel around the world without having to go to the front of the stage.

Work in the hotel and restaurant industry

Whether in the hotel or restaurant industry, it is easy to find a job to travel. It only takes a little goodwill and courage. Many waiters – bartenders take advantage of their job to travel around the world. In addition, our cuisine is very popular worldwide, an additional asset to get a job cooking. Beautiful experiences in perspective with this business that allows travel.

Stewardess or Steward

Flight attendants and other flight attendants spend long hours aboard planes, but they also have the opportunity to explore new places during long stopovers and rest periods. In addition, flight attendants and stewards enjoy almost free airline tickets for them, their spouses, and their children. This is the job where you can travel par excellence.

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Driver for Google Street View

To become a driver for Google Street View, it is better to have a sacred network, because such posts do not often appear in the ads. However, if you get to get the Holy Grail, you can work and travel to discover incredible roads at Google’s expense.

Travel Guide

Do you want to visit the world for free even get paid to be a tourist? Become a travel guide, the job that allows you to work while traveling. The only two constraints: you must be very well organized and listen to your group. Considering the benefits you will get in return; the game is worth it.

Software Specialist or Freelance Programmer

If you are a programmer or developer of freelance software, you can travel and work from anywhere in the world. After all, having a laptop and an Internet connection are the only two things you need to work. Being a programmer is the ideal job for traveling, and it’s an extremely well-paid job. Internetwork is the key to being able to work even on the beach.